I am travelling to Budapest this Friday to meet up with my boyfriend who is studying in Prague during this spring. I have never been to the city so I’ve done some research on what to do there. Here is what I found:

  • The Parliament seemed to be a mandatory thing to see…
  • What way is not better than to see it by boat at night? Eating on the boat is an option or just having drinks.
  • Walk over The Chain Bridge.
  • See the monument The Shoes that represents the shoes of the victims during the holocause. They had to take their shoes off before they got shot and fell into the river Donau.
  • Szechenyi spa – spend a day relaxing in the hot springs.
  • The Buda Castle and The Cable Cars on the mountain.
  • Going to cafés is a must!
  • Go to good restaurants
  • The Market Hall Nagycsarnok and a walk down Váci Utka.

I’m gonna try to do as much as possible during my short visit and see what was worth doing and not.

Be safe! Bildresultat för flygplanssymbol


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