Budapest Day Three

Sunday 06.35

We woke up early since my flight was at 12.50. We got ready and headed straight to the bus stop next to the hotel. We took bus number 74 and the ride took 14 min, after a 5 min walk we had arrived at the thermal bath Széchenyi. The entrance cost around 6000HUF (17€) including a borrowed towel. We got a private booth to get changed in, when we were done they came and locked the door for us.

We did not bring flip-flops, something I really recommend!

First we walked into an indoor pool with high ceiling. There was only elder people in there who looked at us as we came in, maybe because we were so young, or because of me walking around with a gopro. It was nice in there but we decided to keep on walking. I don’t know how many rooms with different pools we passed until we came to the outdoor part. There was a big pool, with a fountain in the middle. It was beautiful out there. The water was hot and it was about 8 degrees in the air, so fog came out of the water surface. We really enjoyed our time there and I recommend paying a visit to this relaxing place. At around 9 o’clock we felt that we were done. As we left there was already a lot of people entering.

For our way back we decided to walk. We took a detour through Andrássy Út and passed some big soldier statues on the way. We also stopped for a coffee which was so cheap out here, around 500HUF (1.5€).

When we got back to the hotel we decided to have breakfast there, we would not have time for anything else. It cost 5000HUF (15€) per person which was the most expensive meal we had. Unfortunately, the hotel started to clean up before the end time of the breakfast, so it wasn’t a very nice ambience but the food was okay.

I ordered a taxi with the hotel, they followed me out and opened the door for me. It was a fixed price 8000HUF (30€).

Sunday 11.04



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