Budapest Day Three

Sunday 06.35

We woke up early since my flight was at 12.50. We got ready and headed straight to the bus stop next to the hotel. We took bus number 74 and the ride took 14 min, after a 5 min walk we had arrived at the thermal bath Széchenyi. The entrance cost around 6000HUF (17€) including a borrowed towel. We got a private booth to get changed in, when we were done they came and locked the door for us.

We did not bring flip-flops, something I really recommend!

First we walked into an indoor pool with high ceiling. There was only elder people in there who looked at us as we came in, maybe because we were so young, or because of me walking around with a gopro. It was nice in there but we decided to keep on walking. I don’t know how many rooms with different pools we passed until we came to the outdoor part. There was a big pool, with a fountain in the middle. It was beautiful out there. The water was hot and it was about 8 degrees in the air, so fog came out of the water surface. We really enjoyed our time there and I recommend paying a visit to this relaxing place. At around 9 o’clock we felt that we were done. As we left there was already a lot of people entering.

For our way back we decided to walk. We took a detour through Andrássy Út and passed some big soldier statues on the way. We also stopped for a coffee which was so cheap out here, around 500HUF (1.5€).

When we got back to the hotel we decided to have breakfast there, we would not have time for anything else. It cost 5000HUF (15€) per person which was the most expensive meal we had. Unfortunately, the hotel started to clean up before the end time of the breakfast, so it wasn’t a very nice ambience but the food was okay.

I ordered a taxi with the hotel, they followed me out and opened the door for me. It was a fixed price 8000HUF (30€).

Sunday 11.04



 Budapest Day Two

Saturday 10.05

We did not book the hotel with breakfast since I love to explore other countries culture in food. So we walked out the hotel and started looking. Without knowing where we were headed, we stumbled across this cute little breakfast café called Geròczy. I ordered a hungarian omelette with coffee and of course mimosa (I’m on vacation!). It was really nice and again, not very expensive for a brunch (maybe 8000HUF (22€) in total).

After the breakfast we walked down the shopping street Váci Utka. I didn’t think it was much to see to be honest. It’s a shopping street like any other. Reminded a little bit about Ströget in Copenhagen but less exiting. The positive thing about it was that it lead down to the Market Hall Nagycsarnok. This was interesting and different. We didn’t spend a lot of time in there though, just walked around for a bit.

There was a lot of tuorism people outside selling tickets for busses and boat rides. We talked to a couple and decided to buy tickets to the 19 o’clock boat tour on the river. It’s already dark by then so it felt better than taking the 22 o’clock one, since it lasts for two hours (1.5h at 22). Two drinks, one glass of sparkling wine and a glass of wine or beer, was included in the price 5000HUF (17€).

When we were done being typical tourists we headed down to take the tram number 2 which is know as one of the most beautiful tram rides in the world. We bought 2 tickets for 1000HUF (3€) (it was cheaper but if you don’t pay exact, the machine keeps the change). The tram ride was very popular, we had to stand and it was full of people. Sure, the view was nice, but it wasn’t a view that had to be seen from the tram. Walking would have been just as fine. The boat ride would pass there as well.

We got off the tram one station before the parliament to be able to walk by the monument “The Shoes”. It was very moving to stand in the exact spot where jews during the second world war had been lined up for execution, where they had been told to take their shoes off just before they got shot and fell into the Donube river.

It was so windy there by the river side so we hurried towards The Parliament. It was huge! We just kept on walking and walking and it felt like it would never end. This building is majestetic. One of the most impressive buildings I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot.

From there we walked over the chain bridge towards the buda side of the city. The line to take the cable car up was so long we decided just to walk up. It was a steep hill but it didn’t take us that long. Once up, a beautiful view waited us over the river and the bridges. The castle was nice, like a castle. We walked around to the other side of it and walked along a parkway with an allé.


By this time I was so hungry I just wanted to get down from the hill and go have some lunch. I was dedicated to try gulasch soup when in Hungary. Eventually we found a cute little sailers restaurant. The soup was not like we make it at home but it was really good!


Budapest Day One

Friday 15.40

The flight took about two hours, not too bad. I had already decided on taking a taxi since I had read it was cheap.

From the airport to the Pest side of the city, the taxi cost me 7000HUF (24€) and it took about 40 min because of the traffic. There is a special desk outside the airport where you “book” your taxi, I got mine right away though. I guess it’s just for security reasons, to be sure it’s a reliable taxi company.

I stayed at The Continental Hotel located in the old Jewish Ghetto from the second world war. It was very classy, when I arrived in my cab they politely opened the door for me welcoming me to the hotel. The room was fresh with a normal sized bathroom, big bed and a huge window. I was very pleased.

My boyfriend waited for me at the hotel since he came straight from Prague. He had made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant recommended by the hotel. We headed there straight away to make it to our 20.30 o’clock.

It was a short walk to Restaurant Aszú Étterem. They took our coats at the door and showed us in. It was a large room with a high ceiling, linnen cloths and live music, at the same time not a strict dresscode.

We asked the waiter what he recommended and he was very proud of the hungarian meat, so oviously that’s what I ordered. I was not let down, the meat was tender and it came with a side of mashed potatoes and apples. The best of all, it wasn’t more expensive than a regular dinner here in Sweden. I really recommend going to a nicer restaurant here in Budapest, it’s worth the money!


On the way in search for some bars we passed the Szent Istvan Bazilika, it was beautiful the way it was lit at night.

The staff at the hotel had aslo mensioned “ruin bars”, so that was our main target in the search for a drink. We found a cool bar with a Mexican theme, a lot of peaple, cheap beer 500HUF (1.5€) and a good ambiance. It was a bit tricky to find, so keep your eyes open. There are supposed to be a lot more than the one we found.

We stayed out for a bit, found a passage full of different bars, and also turists. The last bar was a Tiki bar with a polynesian theme and smoking drinks.


Saturday 00:24