Wednesday 15.00

Every year for a week my family goes up north in Sweden to ski. We go to this skiing region called Hundfjället located in Sälen. Since I’m working I decided to go half a week, so me and my sister took the bus up. We went with the company Swebus and it took almost 8 hours from stockholm, including 45 min stop for dinner.

Since we’ve been going to the same place for more than 10 years I convinced my family to go over to Norway one day to ski in Trysil, that is just located an hour away from Hundfjället.


Thursday 08.45

We woke up early to have a good breakfast before leaving for Trysil. Since we’re 8 people, it took us longer than expected to get ready.
The trip didn’t take too long and it was easy to find. As we arrived I saw right away that these were mountains and that Hundfjället were hills. It had a cute little village at the foot of the mountains were we decided to meet to have lunch later.

We took the anchar lift up to start with. It was so long, when I thought it was over, we went over a hill and it was just as much more to go. I loved it! We were also lucky with the weather, sunshine the whole day!

If I have to say something negative, it was the Moguls, there were too many of them.


The rest of the week we just stayed in Hundfjället skiing every day. The slopes there are very family-friendly. We noticed though how short the slopes really are compared to Trysil. But oh well. On Friday it was such good weather that we decided to stay out having lunch on the restaurant on the slope. It’s more of a small grill place where we had hamburgers in the sun. That same day the lifts were open until late so i went home to change into my snowboard. Man those boots are more comfortable that the skiing boots. I haven’t gone snowboarding in a while so i fell a lot. It was powelder snow so at least it didn’t hurt. 

Saturday is the last skiing day so we tried to get out early. This time not so good weather unfortunately. We skied for a while they headed to the waffle lodge located not that far from the slopes. Far enough to have to change into walking boots though. It’s a tradition to always go there for a waffle with whipped cream and jam. So good!

On the walk back from the lodge everyone joined in on a snowball fight that ended with laughter and wet faces.

We have been thinking a lot about buying new equipment. There is a sports store right next to the slope where you can borrow skis, you’re thinking about buying, for a couple of hours  so that’s what we did. I didn’t feel a huge difference from the ones I own so I wasn’t very into buying new ones. I don’t know, maybe next season.

Sunday time to wake up pack the car and go back home to Stockholm!